4 Reasons to Use Silicone Edge Graphics for Your Next Display

4 Reasons to Use Silicone Edge Graphics for Your Next Display

Planning a new display? Whether you’re targeting prospects at an upcoming trade show or looking to add extra impact to your physical storefront, consider using silicone edge graphics.

Silicone edge graphics (or SEGs) are printed onto tensioned fabric with a silicone strip sewn along the edge. This edge is inserted into an aluminum frame, resulting in a crisp, taut image without a visible sew line.

Great for special events, promotional ads, and even as office decor, here are 4 reasons SEGs give you the best bang for your buck.


1. Images With Impact

Silicone edge graphics use the dye-sublimation process, resulting in permanent designs with a rich color composition. As the ink permeates the fabric, the images won't peel or fade (if used indoors), creating a glare-free facade that matches the tonality of the original image.

2. Simple Setup, Teardown, and Storage

SEGs are easy to set up and tear down, making them ideal for temporary displays or permanent fixtures. Need to change up the layout? You can move most frames with a two-person team. They’re also light enough to be wall-mounted, allowing for the creation of large installations with miniscule seams.

Unlike many other large graphics, you can break SEGs down into smaller, compact pieces, reducing shipping costs and freeing up storage space. No bulky boxes or professional installation needed.

To get the most out of your SEG displays, make sure they’re kept inside with minimal sun exposure as this can cause unwanted fading.

3. Graphics Are Interchangeable

SEG systems are perfect for retail settings or any business that frequently updates their promotional campaigns. Once you've installed the frame, simply change out the graphic as needed. There's no risk of damaging the fabric, which you can fold, store, and reuse later.

4. Customizable for Every Environment

Due to their lightweight and durable nature, SEGs are a more efficient option than traditional rigid substrates, especially when bigger signage is needed. SEGs are available with nearly any dimensions and you can setup multiple units side-by-side to create larger displays.

Some of the most popular uses include light boxes, trade show exhibits, pop-ups, photo backdrops, and press walls. They also make stylish dividers when you need to section off an office, store, or venue.

Silicon edge fabric graphics are a lightweight, economical, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to the bulky media of the past. Thin, dramatic, and interchangeable, SEGs are the ideal display option for retail storefronts, hotels, trade shows, office environments, press events, and more.

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