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Trade events are gaining in popularity, and the need to have an attractive booth is in demand. Whether your event is a trade show, business event, convention, or another type of promotional activity, having a beautiful display will capture the attention of customers and help drive business. When it comes to having an excellent presentation, hop-up banners are the perfect way to draw others to your booth and will add that extra bit needed for your business to stand out amongst the others.

 Hop-up banners come with many features and are very versatile in what you can do with them and are limited only by your imagination. They are used in tradeshows or conventions as a draw others to your booth or exhibit space, a wall to photograph VIP Celebrities, or even showcase products or features. A hop-up banner will provide overall enhanced customer experience and show others what you are indeed about.
Key Features

When it comes to working a trade show or event, features are everything when it comes to displaying your business or product. 

  • Our hop-up banners are printed on dye-sublimated fabric. Ink is bonded to the material to make a long-lasting banner for your needs.
  • Every hop-up banner features high-quality, vibrant colors. A display that is bright and colorful will attract attention to your booth or exhibit space.
  • For those who showcase photographs or other images, our banners are non-glare, which makes them easier to view in the lighting at events. 
  • These banners are washable. Not only can you keep them clean for future events, but the colors won’t fade or come out. This increases the life of the hop-up banner and keeps your exhibit space fresh and new.
  • Our stands are collapsible. This makes setup quick and easy for your event. The banner itself is attached by Velcro. All you have to do is unpack the box, pull the stand out to expand it and clip the supports.
  • The stand is easy to travel with as it comes with it's own easy to handle case. It has wheels making it easier to pull behind you, and if you’re traveling by plane, it can be checked as airline luggage.

While our hop-up banners features are perfect for everyone, for many vendors or exhibitors, the size of the banner is relevant. Size does matter and we have a banner in the perfect size for you.  We have hop-up Banners on: 5’ X 8', 8’ X 8', 10’ X 8', 15’ X 8', or 20’ X 8'. We even offer banners that are 10 feet tall. These larger hop-up banners are great for tradeshows and standout amongst all the others. Each hop-up banner stand can also be put together with another to make a longer banner with a longer single banner to cover it. There are even options for side panels to cover the end of the stand to finish off the look of the display. This makes for easy set up and tear down for even the largest banners, so you can get back to what you do best, and that interacts with your customers. 

Our experience in the trade show industry covers over 30 years and know what will work and what won’t work. We can help your business thrive at your next event


Choosing The Right Banner
Premium "Blockout" Material

block out materialThe Premium “Blockout” material prevents unwanted shadows from being cast through the back, which can ruin photos, and obscure branding.
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Seamless Banners

Seamless Step and Repeat BannersBanners, up to 24-feet long, are seamless, one-piece units which adhere to our stands simply, without sagging or wrinkling.

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Professional Pipe Stands

pipe and base banner standOur Professional pipe and base stands are designed to be quick and easy to set up. All of our stands come with a Lifetime Warranty!

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