is forever looking for ways to innovate, iterate, go above and beyond to provide a wonderful experience for our clients. And as we continue in this endeavor, we have added another wonderful tool to our arsenal.
Please say hello to the Summa F1612.
f2630 front
We've added this powerful, versatile machine to keep the promise we made to ourselves when we moved to our new location: to do more. The F1612 will allow us not only to streamline our process for retractable banners, pillows, table covers, and more, but we also now fabricate items such as custom cases for our products, providing yet another level of service to which our competitors couldn't hope to measure up.
The new machine allows us to increase pace, shorten production time, and add an additional level of consistency to an already astonishing level of quality. Our display solutions are the best, and they're about to get better!
We now provide larger quantities in less time, so let you ambition run wild, and kit out your event with whatever you desire, be it five pillows or fifty!
We take great care, put in tremendous effort, twisting the screws on quality until we are sure that you do not simply have a pillow, but the best darn pillow there is to have, with the richest colors, and the finest finishing. AND we'll make sure you have a hundred should you need them!
We have offered posters and signage for years; now we create signage of varying sizes and substrates in great quantities quickly, when you need them! Rather than having to decide between a set array of materials, we can now zero in on the material best suited for the needs of the job, and produce these items not only in custom sizes, but custom shapes as well!
It's the complement of advanced, customized tools the F1612 uses that make the all difference. Be it the Electronic Oscillating Tool perfect for Foam Board; or the Drag Knife, perfect for adhesive stickers; or the Creasing Tool, perfect for creating custom shapes in 3D space (we'll discuss our custom cases and storage solutions in a future post!) we can make you nearly anything you would like, just the way you like it.

Electronic Oscillating Tool
In 2017, new and wonderful things have come to, and we're going to share them with you. Call 800-538-6544 or email us at customerservice today!
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